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Chair - FY20 Season

Harrisonville High School's A Midsummer Night's Dream Selected Reviews

The review submitted by Samantha Lambert of Grandview High School has been submitted to the Kansas City Star.IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? IS THIS JUST FANTASY?Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, you couldn't quite shake the feeling that maybe you were actually awake? Harrisonville High School brings that feeling to the stage with A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM!A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM is a classic comedy by well-known playwright William Shakespeare. Written in 1595 or 1596, the play f...
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Blue Springs South High School's Peter and the Starcatcher Selected Reviews

The review written by Annabelle Mitchell of Belton High School was submitted to the Kansas City Star.SWIM ON OVER TO SEE PETER AND THE STARCATCHER As soon as the lights came up on the cast the audience IS enticed by their strong voices and fun music. The audience was kept interested throughout the whole production of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER at Blue Springs South High School, by bringing the classic tale of Peter Pan a new life on stage. This fun story about a boy who is given the nam...
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Harrisonville High School's The Addams Family Selected Reviews

The review by Aarika Wilson of Winnetonka High School is being forwarded to Cass Co Missourian.WHERE DID WE GO WRONG? That's the question that Gomez and Morticia Addams are asking themselves. Fog creeps from behind the curtain, revealing the kooky, spooky, and upside-down world of THE ADDAMS FAMILY by Harrisonville High School. Originated from a single-panel cartoon published in The New Yorker, followed by a television series and two movies, THE ADDAMS FAMILY musical first hit...
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Winnetonka High School's Shrek Selected Reviews

Libby BastowLee's Summit West High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlineIT'S NOT OGRE-RATEDPicture a murky, rancid, isolated swamp and its crude, foul-smelling inhabitant. Add some catchy music, comical supporting roles, and some fairy-tale characters and you have SHREK THE MUSICAL, as it is performed by Winnetonka High School. The show adds a touching musicality to the original 2001 movie while still capturing the irreverence and hilarity that made the film a cult class...
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Summit Christian Academy's Mary Poppins Selected Reviews

Franni YoungOak Park High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlineANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT SUMMIT CHRISTIAN ACADEMYA woman who uses an umbrella as transportation, dancing chimney sweeps, and dolls that come to life, what do these all have in common? They all appear in Summit Christian Academy's production of MARY POPPINS. Combined with elegance and flair, this production captures the essence of youth and wonder in their performance; and with a little bit of magic, Summit Chr...
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Ruskin High School's The Color Purple Selected Reviews

Franni YoungOak Park High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlineRUSKIN PUTS ON A SHOW TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDSRespect. Hope. Celebration. All these words can be used to describe the outstanding performance of THE COLOR PURPLE, put on by Ruskin High School. Ruskin deals with dark themes of adversity and struggle and presents them with an engaging and heartbreaking show that keeps the audience engaged the entire time.THE COLOR PURPLE is a musical adaptation of the 1982 novel of the ...
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Raytown High School's The Addams Family Selected Reviews

Sydney WalkerGrandview High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlineBUTTON UP AND SIT DOWN FOR THE ADDAMS FAMILYMysterious and spooky, they are altogether ooky because it is THE ADDAMS FAMILY! Raytown High school has called darkness home in their fall musical, THE ADDAMS FAMILY. This show of love, heartache, and family will have you in full disclosure about the wonders of the Addams family!THE ADDAMS FAMILY was once a beloved comic strip by Charles Addams, of simple one image gags ...
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Raymore Peculiar High School's Lost in Yonkers Selected Reviews

Faith NewellCenter High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlineAUDIENCES WILL GO BONKERS FOR LOST IN YONKERSIt is not easy to have a firm-handed Grandmother, an Aunt who can barely remember her name, or a petty thief of an Uncle, but despite their flaws, you will always love them anyway. This is true for Jay and Arty in Raymore Peculiar's production of LOST IN YONKERS. This amazing cast will have you at the edge of your seat as you watch their wacky antics and see their truths...
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Platte County High School's Footloose Selected Reviews

Ashtin UmstattdPark Hill High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlinePLATTE COUNTY CAN'T STAND STILLNo dancing. No listening to rock music. Somebody's Eyes are always on you. This is Bomont, Utah where Platte County High School's FOOTLOOSE is set. But what happens when a city boy takes on the strict town?FOOTLOOSE, heavily based on the 1984 film of the same name, premiered on Broadway in 1998 and follows the story of Ren McCormack. Born in Chicago, Ren is forced to mov...
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Park Hill High School's Mary Poppins Selected Reviews

Sydney HerifordRaymore Peculiar High SchoolSubmitted for publication to KC Star OnlinePARK HILL'S MARY POPPINS IS PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAYWith a magical nanny, a crew of dancing chimney sweepers, and two parents trying to restore order to their family, Park Hill High School brings a world of wonder to the stage with their production of MARY POPPINS.Based on a combination of the original children's books by P. L. Travers and the iconic 1964 Disney movie, MARY POPPINS focuses ...
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