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Blue Springs South High School's Peter and the Starcatcher Selected Reviews

The review written by Annabelle Mitchell of Belton High School was submitted to the Kansas City Star.


As soon as the lights came up on the cast the audience IS enticed by their strong voices and fun music. The audience was kept interested throughout the whole production of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER at Blue Springs South High School, by bringing the classic tale of Peter Pan a new life on stage. 

This fun story about a boy who is given the name Peter and his adventures running from pirates on a ship and through a forest from the Mullosks with his friends Ted, Prentiss, and Molly. PETER AND THE STARCATCHER have been on stage since 2009 when it premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse. This show is great for every production company because of how adaptable it is from the flexible set and interchangeable costume it has a role for everyone. PETER AND THE STARCATCHER have been nominated for 9 Tony awards and won 5. 

The title character of Peter was played by none other than Mitchell White. Throughout the whole of the show, White showed an abundance of emotion in every scene. Especially the scene in Act 1 when Peter is reminiscing over his horrid time in the orphanage, the audience could feel great sympathy for Peter. While you could feel sympathy for Peter, Molly, played by Bailey Self, is a much stronger character. Bailey Self assisted her character by exuding extremely powerful confidence on stage. Bailey is an extremely strong actress which is shown whenever she would utter a word. 

No show can go on without a little help and Ted and Prentiss did just that. This dynamic duo would always lighten up a tense point in the show, whether Ted was dreaming about pork and pineapple or Prentiss was commanding respect, they really stole the show. When ted and Prentiss aren't on stage Smee was helping Black Stache as the faithful friend he was. Smee was constantly helping Black Stache finds his words or a biscuit. The Ensemble was especially great during the scene in the hallway every time a new ‘door' was opened the ensemble would become absolutely enraged with energy in their new setting.  

The set design for this show was spectacular. All the different levels allowed actors to create many different kinds of business from cleaning to playing games. The touches of moss and barrels around the ships added to the feel of a ship. The part that dazzled the audience was when the sides came off and became 2 separate ships. During the scene where Molly is showing Peter her necklace the star lights that covered the audience, awestruck everyone, it felt like the audience was floating with the stars.  

This show was astounding from beginning to end though at times it was difficult to hear the actors over the loud music, the actors made it easy to understand the majority of the time with great enunciation. As well as during the second Act the sound level issue was resolved and everyone could be heard clearly over the music in the background. 

So, be sure to catch Peter to find out who he really is with the help of his friends along the way in Blue Spring South's production of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER.


The review written by Eric Nunn of Belton High School was submitted to the North Cass Herald.


Yo-ho yo-ho, it's a pirate's life for me! BLUE SPRINGS SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL production of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, captivates and awes! If campy humour, amazing reaction, and astonished comedic wit is something you enjoy, this show ashtonishes and amazes!
PETER AND THE STARCATCHER is a play based on the book of the very same name. It's commonly known to be the prequel of the events of the famed story, Peter Pan. The story follows Molly Aster, played by Bailey Self. Molly is the daughter of Lord Leonard Aster, played by CJ Miller. Lord Aster has been given the task of destroying a shipment of a mysterious substance by the name of "Star-stuff". Molly cross paths with three lost� boys, Prentiss, played by Cordelia Williams, Ted, played by Elizebeth Ralston, and Boy, played by Mitchell White. These three boys have been sold to a ruthless unseen leader, King Zarboff.

Bailey Self, who plays Molly utilizes nearly professional acting, an angelic voice, and quick wit to provide the audience with a charismatic performance. Bailey makes use of an amazing british accent, the accent is never too much and never too little. When Bailey enters the stage with one of her songs, her angelic voice enthralls the ears of anyone listening. Throughout the entire show she manages to stay in character even throughout the truly comedic scenes, she ensures to stay with mood of the scene. Mitchell White, who plays Boy offers a truly emotional performance. You truly empathize his character, however this is not to say that Mitchell doesn't offer a truly comedic performance.

This show would be absolutely nothing without its amazing supporting cast. Emery Downs who plays Captain Black Stache offers an absolutely side splitting performance. Emery inserts her own joke into the performance, from the mention of the Cadillac Escalade to foreshadowing what will come in the second act. There was no moment during the performance where Emery was on stage and the sound of laughter did not accompany her. Beese Betts who played Bill Slank, another nasty captain, offers even more humour to this absolutely side spitting show.

A major factor of any show is the visual effects. Which is why this show is mind blowing in every aspect. In one scene When Mitchell White (Boy) falls into a golden grotto, the lights change from a light green to signify the jungle to warm reds, yellows, and oranges. However in the same scene the color green isn't entirely removed from the aforementioned warm colours, this give the erie feeling of the unknown, and overall just creepy while still maintaining the "angelic presence".

Absolutely no show is complete with its hand full of "mishaps". These mishaps can range from some actors lack of diction, which was detrimental in some cases due to the fact that the monologue/dialogue that the audience might've not heard, could have built some more character for some of the actors. PETER AND THE STAR CATCHER is accompanied by a beautiful score, however it is not free of judgement, there are multiple instances where music would cut out or there would be no sound coming through the actors microphones.

BLUE SPRINGS SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL'S performance PETER AND THE  STARCATCHER was nothing of a side splitting, show stopping, stunning scene full of comedy and drama.


The review written by Jaeden Wilkes of Belton High School was sent to The Raymore Journal.


From the moment the lights come up on stage, the energy brings feelings of nostalgia and childlike wonder. Almost everyone is familiar with the story of Peter Pan, but not everyone knows where he came from. PETER AND THE STARCATCHER engages the audience with nostalgic feelings and comedic storytelling. Blue Springs South High School creatively and passionately shows the exciting and sometimes heart-wrenching origin story of the beloved character from childhood. 

PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, written by Rick Elice, is the origin story of Peter Pan. It is based on the best-selling novels by David Barry and Ridley Pearson. It tells the story of how a miserable, unnamed orphan boy becomes Peter Pan. The play starts with Molly Aster (Bailey Self) reluctantly bidding her father, Lord Leonard Aster (CJ Miller), goodbye before boarding opposite ships. Molly's father is explaining the very important mission of protecting precious cargo to Molly and she is desperately trying to convince him to let her go with him. While Molly prepares to board the ship with her nanny, Mrs. Bumbrake (Garrett Mahurin), a crate breaks open and Molly makes eye contact with Boy (Mitchell White). Later, on the ship, Molly and Boy meet again, this time with the other two boys: Ted (Elizabeth Ralston) and Prentiss (Cordelia Williams). Molly and the boys sneak about the ship and eventually return to the place where the boys are being held captive. While this is happening, Lord Aster's ship is being taken over by Black Stache, played by Emery Downs. Molly and the boys have to save the treasure, her father, and themselves from various obstacles as the show goes on. 

The chemistry between Bailey Self and Mitchell White is evident from the moment their characters meet. They both clearly understand their characters and the relationship that the characters develop. Bailey's portrayal of Molly is powerful. She shows Molly's cockiness, her passion, and her feminism in clever ways. Molly is a mature girl, and Bailey manages to show this while also keeping a childlike aura about the character. The way Mitchell plays Boy and his development is emotional and impeccable. His understanding of the character is shown in the most subtle ways- his body language, nervous ticks he gives the character, and small facial expressions for reactions. 

In every single scene, the ensemble members are always in character. They are obviously interested in the story and everything going on. Sienna Hoopingarner is very entertaining to watch as Smee. Her energy as this character is contagious and her interactions with Emery Downs as Black Stache are hysterically funny. 

The technical aspects of this show are stunning. The lights always perfectly reflect the scene. Even when a scene is supposed to be in dim lighting, there are never shadows on the actors' faces. Jack Trent's lighting design is superb, he undoubtedly knows what he is doing. The special effect lighting of bringing the stars into the audience is beyond impressive.

There are not many noticeable mistakes in this production. There are a few sound malfunctions with actors hitting microphones, some confusion with choreography, but if there are other mistakes, they are not glaring or noticeable. 

Blue Springs South High School captures its audience in the story of Molly and Peter, causing side-splitting laughter and pulling heartstrings. 


About the Author

Rackers, Brad

Rackers, Brad

Chair - FY20 Season


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