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Raytown High School's The Addams Family Selected Reviews

Sydney Walker
Grandview High School

Submitted for publication to KC Star Online


Mysterious and spooky, they are altogether ooky because it is THE ADDAMS FAMILY! Raytown High school has called darkness home in their fall musical, THE ADDAMS FAMILY. This show of love, heartache, and family will have you in full disclosure about the wonders of the Addams family!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY was once a beloved comic strip by Charles Addams, of simple one image gags and macabre jokes. The idea of a family so unusual was so beloved, it was adapted into various movies, both animated and live action. The ever growing musical was adapted in 2010, and was written and composed by Andrew Lippa. The musical tells the story of a young girl falling in love, and the clash of the Addams and Beineke families.

Gomez Addams, played by Judson Hulme, introduces the show beautifully, making himself distinct and present with his thick, latin accent. Hulme moves with poise and sophistication, a true example of a proud family man. Gomez is not alone, of course. Always by his side is the gothic Morticia Addams, played by Sereena Burton. Burton is sure to bring out the sass in Morticia, belting beautiful tones and sharp choreography, while still having a soft spot for her love. The two truly exemplify in deep chemistry what it is to be in love, to fight, and to forgive. They both have a deep love for their children Pugsley, Parker Cobden, and Wednesday, played Cynne Soria. Hulme, Burton, Cobden, and Soria make quite the memorable band of misfit family, always sure to give each other what they deserve.

The Addams is not the only family in this show. There is the wonderful, put together Beineke Family, featuring son Lucas (Joshua McCarroll), mother Alice (Cheyli Ferbet), and father Mal (Jason Meyer). The three of them play three distinctly different characters of the same type, and use strong characterization to show they will not be forgotten. Their voices and chemistry together make this dysfunctional family, functional.

The show has other key cast members as well, include Uncle Fester (Marques Alsup), Lurch (Trae Hawkins), and Grandma (Kylie Butler). The Addams house as a whole could not have been complete without the quirks of the rest of the family, living their own lives, yet always there to help the family when in need. The rest of the ensemble is known as the Ancestors. They are painted and dressed entirely in white, thanks to Makeup Crew (Kylie Butler and Mesmariah Hall) and Costume Crew (Tuesday Scanlon and Rachel McCarroll.) The ensemble creeps about the stage, always helping solve issues or listening to family conversations, but they are always ready for a song and dance number at any time.

An amazing show cannot be done without an amazing crew. Scenic Designer Cheyli Ferbet created such an amazing stage image, incorporating the perfect balance of unusual and ordinary, including candle light, purple and green walls, and cobwebs for railings. Lighting, done by Phillip Stallings, ties the shows together with a high range of color, with crisp lighting cues and beautiful color stories.
Raytown High School's THE ADDAMS FAMILY is the local show to DIE for.

Samantha Lambert
Grandview High School

Submitted for publication to Raytown Online


With ghosts crossing the stage, torture devices, and macabre beings struggling to act normal, this show is not for the faint of heart. Raytown High School wakes the dead with this bone-rattling production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY brings the classic television show to the stage, with music and lyrics composed by Andrew Lippa and the book written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elise. Based on the characters created by Charles Addams, this musical is the first stage adaptation for the grim family. The show follows Wednesday Addams, the adult daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, as she falls in love with Lucas Beineke. Lucas is a normal man with normal parents, and when the Addams family invites the Beinekes over for dinner, hilarity ensues.

Judson Hulme (Gomez Addams) commands the stage from the moment the curtain opens. The false accent Hulme presents brings a depth of humor to his character, while never detracting from serious moments. Hulme never has a moment of low energy, which is apparent in his dancing, singing, and reacting. Of course, one cannot have a Gomez without a Morticia, who is played by Sereena Burton. Burton, with incredible poise and comedic timing, brings her character to life--or death, as her terrific vocals warn in the musical number "Death Is Just Around the Corner".

Freshman Marques Alsup (Fester Addams) leaves the audience in stitches with his enthusiastic dancing and superb vocal expression, most memorably in the comical number "The Moon and Me". Joshua McCarroll (Lucas Beineke) gives life to every scene he is in, a fitting contrast to Cynne Soria (Wednesday Addams), who perfectly captures the dark aura of her character. The ensemble of ghostly ancestors do a marvelous job keeping the scene in the moment, most noticeably Jesse Best, who nails the role of a ghost caveman with his little characterizations, from eating a prop to howling across the stage.

The set, designed by Cheyli Ferbet, with Master Carpenter Jesse Best, is truly outstanding. From the moving staircases to the spider-webbed railings to the paintings of ancestors, the set encapsulates everything that is loved about the Addams family. Hair/Make-up Designers Kylie Butler and Mesmariah Hall bring character to the show with their stellar work. The Ancestors ensemble look delightfully dead, neatly differentiating them from the living.

The lighting, while impressive, is somewhat lacking at the top of the set, with characters momentarily left in the dark at points. However, the lighting is well-designed and provides much-needed atmosphere. At some moments during musical numbers, microphones cut out and leave it up to the actors to project, who rise to the challenge and succeed. The energy of the show never drops, even when executing the beautiful choreography (designed by Brooke Meyers).

THE ADDAMS FAMILY brings audiences to tears of laughter, every joke uproarious and every song memorable. Thanks to an amazing cast and crew, all can enjoy the story of this creepy and kooky family, even without knowing anything about them before seeing the show. Raytown High School deserves a standing ovation for a wonderful show!

Hannah Helms
Summit Christian Academy

Submitted for publication to The Raymore Journal


Come one, come all - living, dead, or undecided - and find out what it means to be an Addams in Raytown High School's production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY was made into a musical in 2010, featuring music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, also known for the musical BIG FISH. The characters are originally from a cartoon created by Charles Addams in 1938. The macabre family has since influenced American culture and sparked many retellings, from television to movies to the stage.

Loving father and husband, Gomez Addams, as played by Judson Hulme, faces a conundrum. There are two things he will never do: say no to his daughter or lie to his wife. So what is he to do when his daughter, Wednesday, asks him to lie to her mother, Morticia? Hulme's antics as the obviously torn man are hysterical. His determination to make it up to Morticia is clearly portrayed in his song, "Not Today." Gomez's striking wife, Morticia, as played by Sereena Burton, believes that the truth is the most important thing of all. Burton excels at depicting Morticia's cold and alluring aura. She exudes confidence and commands the stage during "Death Is Just Around the Corner." Hulme and Burton's chemistry fills the room in the captivating dance number, "Tango De Amor."

Gomez and Morticia's grim daughter, Wednesday, as played by Cynne Soria, has never expected to find love and is bewildered by her new feelings. Soria demonstrates her powerful voice throughout the show, particularly shining in "One Normal Night," as she tries to convince her family to meet her scandalously normal boyfriend's family. Wednesday's beloved, Lucas Beineke, as played by Joshua McCarroll, is an average boy from an average family. McCarroll's energy is always high and his chemistry with Soria is strong. The Ancestors of the Addams family sigh and groan at the pair of young lovers, but attempt to aid them at the direction of Wednesday's Uncle Fester, as played by Marques Alsup. The Ancestors are perform their dances and songs with energy and bring individuality to each of their characters.

The curtain rises on the Addams family standing in front of a mysterious graveyard. Then the graveyard disappears to reveal the incredible set, as designed by Cheyli Ferbet. No detail has been spared when it comes to the Addams' house. Boxes mounted on the hall contain severed heads and the staircase's railings are wrapped in spiderwebs. The hair and makeup, as designed by Kylie Butler and Mesmariah Hall, compliments the spooky vibe of the show. The dark and dramatic makeup, particularly on Fester, Lurch, and Pugsley, is perfectly done. Contrasting this, the Ancestors' costumes, as designed by Tuesday Scanlon and Rachel McCarroll, create the impression of ghosts with shades of stark white.

The cast and crew of Raytown High School is creepy, kooky, and talented. As Gomez and Morticia would say, live before you die, and come see Raytown High School's THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

About the Author

Rackers, Brad

Rackers, Brad

Chair - FY20 Season


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