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Legally Blonde @ Eastern Regional HS

Everything's better in pink at Eastern Regional Highschool's production of Legally Blonde!

Originally a novel by Amanda Brown, Legally Blonde was adapted for film in 2001. Six years after the successful movie was released, Legally Blonde made its Broadway debut in 2007 at the Palace Theatre. With music and lyrics by Lawrence O'Keefe and Neil Benjamin, the show features bright, modern styles of singing that have extensive vocal demands. The story follows charming, pink-loving Elle Woods (Giulianna Bruzzese) as she works as a Harvard Law School student in an effort to regain the attention of her ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III (Gabe Robayo).

Eastern's gripping interpretation of the piece enticed audience members throughout the entire performance. The cast members performed with an infectious energy that truly immersed the spectators into the world of Harvard Law School. Combined with the flawless sets, Eastern's production was truly unforgettable. 

The talent within Eastern's drama program was showcased as the main characters truly anchored the production. Giulianna Bruzzese brought life into Elle Woods. Her dedication to the character was demonstrated through her intricate, energetic physicality and bright vocals. In addition, the audience fell in love with Nick Vitale's charmingly awkward portrayal of Emmet Forrest. Vitale's vocals throughout the piece were gorgeous as he showcased his polished falsetto range in songs such as "Chip On My Shoulder". The bona fide connection between Bruzzese and Vitale created an electrifying love story.

The most memorable aspect of Eastern's performance was the strength of their supporting characters and ensemble members. From the opening number, the Greek Chorus Ensemble performed with sharp choreography, vibrant vocals, and strong character choices. The audience enjoyed Ava Connelly's comedic performance of Paulette Buonofuonte as she even committed to her character's accent in song. In addition, Rachel Fensterer's portrayal of Brooke Wyndham was captivating as she led intense jump rope choreography while maintaining strong vocals in "Whipped Into Shape". The supporting characters and ensemble capitalized on their on-stage moments and improved the quality of the show as a whole.

The impressiveness of Eastern's production extends far beyond the actors on stage. The show featured multiple vivid sets that depicted the many locations of the show: from the historic buildings of Harvard Law to Elle Wood's bright pink room. In addition, the stage management crew almost seamlessly transitioned between scenes, although at times their franticness was distracting to audience members. Despite this, the technological aspect of Eastern's production truly enhanced the audience's experience.

Overall, Eastern Regional High School's production of Legally Blonde was "So Much Better" than any audience member could imagine!

About the Author

Flood-Orion, Jeffrey

Flood-Orion, Jeffrey

Program Director - FY20 Season


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