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Beauty and the Best @ Arthur P. Schalick High School

"Be our guest!" Schalick High School's production of Beauty and the Beast invites audiences to taste their magical presentation of their show, as if the Beast himself is inviting them to dinner.

Transformed from the beloved 1991 film of the same name, Beauty and the Beast took to the Broadway stage in 1994, the beginning of a thirteen year long run of incredible success. Along with the book by Linda Woolverton, Alan Menken composed the music for both the film and the stage musical, with lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. Beauty and the Beast introduces the Beast, a shallow prince turned into a hideous creature by an enchantress, and Belle, a strong-willed girl yearning to escape the monotony of her small town. Although they get off to a rather rough start, Belle and the Beast learn to accept and appreciate each others' differences.

The cast and crew created a seamless blend of on stage and off stage magic with their creativity, while also drawing the audience into the story with each and every scene

Taylor Zotter, playing Belle, gave the audience an impressive performance, with consistent vocals throughout the entire show. Sam Decou, playing the Beast, captivated the entire theater with his complex portrayal of the Beast, complete with a wide range of expressive emotions and passionate vocals. Zotter and Decou expressed the undeniable connection between their characters, while also highlighting their individual journeys through growth, in songs such as "Something There."

The supporting characters and ensemble fully immersed the audience into the story with their realistic, yet personable, reactions and character choices. Christian Harridan, playing Lumiere, charmed the audience with expert comedic timing and an impeccable knack for making the audience laugh in mere seconds. Isaac Bonselaar portrayed Cogsworth with the perfect amount of uptight personality, making it all the more humorous with a rare moment of indulgence in the antics of the rest of the castle staff. The dynamic of Harridan and Bonselaar created a wonderful and light-hearted atmosphere on stage, naturally drawing the eyes of the audience whenever they were presented. Andrea Ellis exhibited grace and maturity in the role of Mrs. Potts, shocking the audience with her powerful vocals during "Beauty and the Beast."

The technical aspects of the show took the production to the next level. In every scene, the lighting reflected the emotions, moods, and conflicts that the characters faced, while not overpowering the scene itself. Set pieces such as the castle interior wowed the audience with its grandeur, and others, such as Maurice's house made the audience feel like they were truly in the village with the actors. The costumes of the show exemplified each character's personality and amazed the audience with the believability of their classical attire.

This production created an innovative feel to "a tale as old as time!"

About the Author

Flood-Orion, Jeffrey

Flood-Orion, Jeffrey

Program Director - FY20 Season


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