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Overbrook H.S. The Wedding Singer!

Sophia Kopreski
Overbrook High School's production of The Wedding Singer was truly phenomenal. The cast gave the audience a blast from the past with the essential 80s teased crimps and its set dressed in bright, vibrant colors. The show was beautifully set and perfectly captured the 80s, the age of highly combustible teased hair for both women-and men. This cast brilliantly portrayed the high energy and drama of the time period. The Wedding Singer was an amazing comedic show with heart.

The Wedding Singer followed the story of Robbie Hart(Isaiah Robinson) who's job is lead singer of his wedding band. Along with his fellow bandmates Sammy(Devin Rashaun) and George(Santino Magazzu), the band travels to perform in weddings, and the occasional Bar Mitzvah, all over New Jersey. Robbie meets the beautiful Julia Sullivan(Riley Roback) at a wedding where he is performing. Riley Roback and Isaiah Robinson perfectly captured the chemistry their characters were meant to have. The audience was in complete awe whenever these two sang a duet together.

The supporting characters in The Wedding Singer took the show to the next level. Holly's (Deonia Conquest) astounding voice had the audience enthralled, while Santino Magazzu's charismatic character, George, elated the audience with his blue eye shadow and his wonderful hat. The comedic cues of Sammy, portrayed by Devin Rashaun, were perfectly timed causing the audience to roar with laughter throughout the show. Robbie's grandmother Rosie (Marissa Forster) charmed the audience with her hysterical one-liners and her sick flow (that's 80s slang for those of you millennials). Jason Morlock as Glen Guglia, was unbelievable as the millionaire who's philandering took the audience's breath away.

Featured performers added more layers to this amusing show. Linda, who was played by Angela Dilworth impressed the audience with her powerful voice and rebel attitude. In the song Casualty of Love, the Losers at Table 9 were incredibly fun to watch as their quirky characters danced throughout the stage. Maurice Wade who was hilarious remained in character as Loser Guy throughout the number, along with the other small ensemble of the table. The Vegas Imposters were also very humorous. The audience loved Fake Tina Turner (Simone Pratt) as she pulled off an amazing, eccentric Tina. The featured performers truly took the show to the next level.

The technical aspect of this show was also superior. The set and props were made by students and demonstrating that hard work can turn into something beautiful. The props for The Wedding Singer were off the charts and all created by students in the Art Club. These small, but essential props expressed creativity and brought the 80s back to life. In addition to the wonderful props, the set of this show was excellent. The smallest details, such as the shapes above the stage, really brought the set all together. Julia's bedroom was also created by students. The painting and three-dimensional work made the room so lifelike. Overall, the set and set dressing of this show was exceptional.

Continuing with the technical additions to the show, Overbrook High School's running crew did extremely well at moving large sets in a very short time span. The crew were ninja-like and invisible in scene changes. The stairs were one challenging set piece to move. Although they didn't have breaks, the running crew made sure that they would be safely set for any actor using them. Walking into the lobby was like walking in a time machine. The theater entrance exhibited beautiful decor and ushers gave each and every person a warm welcome to the production of The Wedding Singer.

Each and every person in this production did a phenomenal job in creating this show. The stage management, the cast, the technical crew, and everyone else who helped to bring this wonderful show together did an excellent job. Overbrook High School's The Wedding Singer deserves recognition for a beautiful show well done.


Mikayla Bailey
"If I told you" that Overbrook High School's production of The Wedding Singer was phenomenal, would you "Move that Thang" to go see it? With impressive student-built set pieces and hilarious and heartfelt songs, the audience was just as in love as the couples on stage were!

Based off of the 1998 movie that was set in the 80's, the musical was brought to the stage in 2006. The story follows Robbie Hart (Isaiah Robinson), a dedicated lover of music, who progressively falls in love with Julia Sullivan (Riley Roback) throughout the show. When both go through heartbreak, they end up finding each other's love for a harmonic, happy ending. 

Overbrook High School's production of The Wedding Singer was brought to life by the dedicated ensemble, comedic supporting characters, and wonderful leads. The detailed set pieces within the show assisted in the audience being brought back to the 80's that evening, as well as the members of the pit who were dressed in 80's themed clothing. 

The show was carried by the wedding singer himself: Robbie Hart (Isaiah Robinson), alongside his life interest Julia Sullivan (Riley Roback). Being the lead of the show can be difficult at times with the pressure of knowing your material inside and out, but Isaiah had a near-perfect performance. His vocals were always so powerful and clear, and he had great comedic timing which brought the audience to tears in numbers such as "Somebody Kill Me". Robinson and Roback's on stage chemistry told a beautiful story throughout the show as well. 

Alongside Robbie (Isaiah Robinson) and Julia (Riley Roback) were their best friends: Holly (Deonia Conquest), George (Santino Magazzu) and Sammy (Devin Rashaun). Holly (Deonia Conquest) commanded the stage in her show stopping rendition of "Right in Front of Your Eyes", where she had beautiful vocals with entertaining riffs throughout the difficult number. However, George (Santino Magazzu) absolutely stole the show. Every time he appeared on stage, he was fully committed to his character. He made hilarious acting choices in addition to his outstanding vocals and dancing abilities which were showcased in his number "George's Prayer". 

The set and props brought the show together for a great visual outcome. The main set consisted of a color themed balcony that the group sang for weddings on top of, as well as teal shapes hung from the top of the stage which would have been found in the 80's. Throughout scenes and numbers such as "A Note From Linda" with amazing vocals, there were big staircases rolled to the stage by stage crew, which had Ghostbusters and Rolling Stones posters taped on to add to the "80's bedroom" feel. The props built, such as the red retro car used by Glen, the dumpster, and the bathroom stalls were extremely detailed and believable. All of these aspects are very impressive, considering it was all done by the students.

The Wedding Singer at Overbrook High School certainly brought audience members back to the 1980's, with soulful vocals, bright colors, and a memorable performance!


Dayla Fennal
Is it your wedding day? If not, it will sure feel like it is while watching Overbrook High School's rendition of The Wedding Singer. With outgoing personalities, and contagious smiles shining from the stage into the audience, you will enjoy the entire performance by not only the cast, but also the crew throughout the whole musical.  

Based off of the New Line Cinema Film, casted with Adam Sandler, the musical "The Wedding Singer" first opened on Broadway in 2006. Book by Tim Herlihy, and Chad Beguelin, music by Matthew Sklar, and lyrics also by Chad Beguelin, the well known love story captivates watchers from all around. Individuals and the show as a whole, were nominated for numerous Tony Awards, and Drama Desk Awards. The musical is a romantic comedy, that every single audience member can relate to in some part of the show. 

The show started of with the song "It's Your Wedding Day," with high energy, and with an absolutely beautiful and large set pieces. The live pit on stage, bright colors, and sign language interpreter, added special effects to the play that made it even more memorable. With crazy 80's costumes, hair, and makeup, you will definitely feel as if you dived into 1985, and were a part of all of the character's worlds. 

 Leads of the show Robbie Hart (Isaiah Robinson), and Julia Sullivan (Riley Roback), had an unbreakable bond in every scene. Isaiah Robinson, had a heartwarming voice that was shown off in multiple songs, but caught my attention in, "If I Told You," where he proved he had great control over his voice. Also, showed us that he isn't a man with just a voice, but also that he can play the guitar. Riley Roback's gave off an excellent portrayal of an easy to love waitress, that just wanted a perfect love story. Which she got in the end!

The Wedding Singer, was full of a lot of talent, and that was very prevalent throughout all of the supporting actress' and actors'. The friends' of the leads, Sammy(Devin Rashaun), George(Santino Magazzu), and Holly(Deonia Conquest), made the play even more enjoyable to watch. Santino Magazzu, was hard to keep your eyes off in every scene with his dancing and hilarious attitude. While, Devin Rashaun and Deonia Conquest proved that they can sing beautifully, especially in songs "Single, with his smooth voice" and "Saturday Night in the City, with her perfectly hit, high note. " Linda (Angela Dilworth), and Rosie (Marissa Forster), can also not go unrecognized for their performances in their notes to Robbie, and great times of comic relief. Lastly, the cast members of Table 9, brought out amazing energy to the floor, and sparked up the entire ensemble in their performance of "Casualty of Love".  

Incredible set pieces designed, execution of the light cues, controllers of the sound, and the stage management, were all products of the hard work of students from Overbook. Students in the Art Club, and Theatre Production Classes, worked on designing, building, and decorating all of the sets in the musical. Stage manager, Alexis Thomas has to be given recognition for the very precise and quick set changes.

A funny, but also happily ever after love story, was displayed excellently by crew and cast, at their "wedding day," at Overbrook High School. 

About the Author

Flood-Orion, Jeffrey

Flood-Orion, Jeffrey

Program Director - FY20 Season


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