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Seussical the Musical - Springfield High School

Springfield Seussical 2

Seussical the Musical by Springfield High School in Springfield, PA

March 21, 2018

Review submitted by Kristin Ciampitti of Cardinal O'Hara High School

Magical, fantastical, whimsical, hysterical - it's Seussical: the Musical! The excitement and wonder of the world’s favorite Dr. Seuss stories were brought to the colorful stage of Springfield High School. Join the talented cast and crew as they tell an artfully reimagined tale of a young boy who gets thrown into the crazy 'Seussian' world. The musical is based on the works of Dr. Seuss that debuted on Broadway in 2000. A little boy with a big imagination discovers a curious striped hat and, as he wonders who it belongs to, none other than the Cat in the Hat appears! Inspired by this wondrous character, the boy imagines a wacky world where creatures such as the Whos and talking animals exist. The Whos are minuscule people who live on a speck of dust that is blowing in the wind. While walking through the jungle, Horton the Elephant hears their cries for help, catches the speck on a clover and begins talking to them. The young boy is then thrown into the story, transformed into JoJo, the Mayor's son, just as all the other animals begin mocking Horton for talking to a clover. From the very beginning of their performance to the last note of the show, the entire cast was confident and energetic. Every character was animated, making their performances memorable. Leading the musical was Victoria Sillo as the Cat in the Hat. Through expressive body language and emotive facial expressions, she breathed life into her character. Her high energy was perfect for the zany Cat in the Hat, and she was able to maintain that level of energy throughout the entire performance. Toni Huegel who played the Sour Kangaroo had powerful vocals and an attitude that fit her sassy character. Horton the Elephant, played by Matt Storti, was also quite talented and stole the show in numbers such as "Alone in the Universe." Steven Miller who played the Grinch was one of the performers that stood out with his impressive vocals featured in songs such as "Here on Who." The Hunches ensemble were expressive and added excitement into numbers like "Havin' a Hunch" and "Solla Sollew." The cast and crew were able to move their colorful sets around the stage smoothly and kept scene changes short. There were also a number of students in the orchestra who played wonderfully. In spite of a few minor issues with syncing the orchestra and sound track, they were able to play through it successfully. Overall, Springfield High School's performance of Seussical: the Musical was an amazing success and showcased the students' beautiful voices and talents.  

Review submitted by Victoria Kline of Academy of the New Church

Who's the biggest blame fool in the Jungle of Nool? You, if you did not go to see Springfield High School's charming and wildly funny production of Seussical the Musical this past weekend! Based on the works of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss, Seussical: the Musical follows the story of Horton the Elephant in his quest to save a tiny world on a floating speck of dust. This is the world of Who, inhabited by tiny people who cry out to Horton for help. He answers, saying that "a person's a person, no matter how small." Horton faces a sour kangaroo, a rowdy gang of monkeys, a lazy bird who recruits him to sit on her nest, and more in this crazy, rhyming adventure led by the Cat in the Hat. The first character to appear is a young boy with a huge imagination, played by Julia Dath. When the Cat in the Hat appears this boy is pushed into the story and becomes Jojo, the Mayor of Whoville's son. Dath's powerful vocals brought the story to life, coupled with great expression and imagination in songs such as "It's Possible". Victoria Sillo played the Cat in the Hat, a quirky character who appears and helps Jojo, and the audience, realize the power of imagination. Sillo's theatrical gesticulations kept the audience laughing, as her faithful Things 1 and 2, played by Sam Padilla and Sera Russo, amplified this hilarity. Horton the Elephant was played by Matt Storti, with heartwarming sweetness in his dynamic singing and acting. The female supporting cast dominated vocally with a wide range of powerful and expressive styles. Gertrude McFuzz, a lonely bird with a one feathered tail, was played by Michaela Henry, whose ever-changing facial expressions and Broadway-quality voice were showcased in songs like "All for You." Zoe Hunchak played Gertrude's foil Mayzie La Bird, a lazy and vain character who leaves Horton to sit on her nest while she goes on vacation. Her sassy singing and dramatic presence in songs such as "Amazing Mayzie" left the audience hungry for more. Completing this triad of terrific performances was Toni Huegel as the Sour Kangaroo with impressive vocal runs and a spunky attitude. The whole cast had inexhaustible energy in a show with almost non-stop singing and dancing, and in big numbers sang cohesively. Students were also featured in the orchestra and stage management and crew, making sure everything ran smoothly. Although occasionally the orchestra overwhelmed, the cast overcame this obstacle through good expression and powerful volume. Filled with heartwarming themes of imagination, gratitude, and acceptance, Springfield's production of Seussical: the Musical will make you think, and "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think" with the help of a little Seuss.

About the Author

Campbell, Adam S.

INC/NCA Chief Technology/Information Officer


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